Sjava not the father

Sjava not the father

Muscian Sjava has been quite the busy lover man these past years. Not only was he married, but he was dating singer Lady Zamar plus another unidentified Jozi woman. Of course his affair with Lady Zamar ended on a bitter note as she accused him of abusing her.

The Jozi woman accused Sjava of moving her to Johannesburg, promising to take care of her and a child she claimed to be his only for him to stop sending any money claiming that he had no funds cause of the lockdown. The woman then went to the tabloids outing Sjava as a deadbeat dad.

Sjava then demanded that for him to continue supporting her and the child named after one of his albums he would need paternity tests to prove the child was his. She then hired lawyers from PJ Mathebula Attorneys who tried to contact Sjava but to no avail. Finally they resorted to writing him a letter asking him to take paternity tests at Lancet late last year. Before this paternity tests had been run at Toga pathology laboratories, and the tests had shown that he was not the father. However the lawyers had argued they were certain discrepancies at Toga laboratories which made the results doubtful.

Unfortunately for the women even the Lancet results showed Sjava was not the father. Before that she had said this to Sjava through a Whatsapp message, “You are so cruel, now I believe all the stories about you, I don’t even know why I didn’t do an abortion. All you did was to ruin my life and give me names. I’m not a whore and I will never be one just because you decided.”

When asked to comment by Hararelive, Sjava said, “I’m under attack, but I don’t want to comment on that matter. But tell her lawyers to send you the results of the paternity tests so that you can write a proper story.” The woman refused to comment as well and only said, “I don’t want anything to do with this.”

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