Nonhle Jali’s lands her foot in her mouth

Nonhle Jali’s lands her foot in her mouth

Nonhle Jali, wife to popular soccer star Andile Jali has a habit of putting her foot in her mouth due to bragging, and Mzansi is always there to bring her down to earth.

This time she went Live on Instagram and commented on methods of purchasing alcohol in a way that made many angry. She stated that she would be buying her alcohol online whilst many people would be queueing for the alcohol and did it in a condescending manner. “You guys will be busy running and lining up like drunkards (for alcohol) while we won’t be there because we are the Beyonces.” Something she called e-commerce.

This got on a lot of people’s nerves and true to form they did not hesitate to drag her. A few people recorded her on her Insta live and posted on twitter. And people had a lot to say. Here are some of the comments:

“Nonhle behaves like she grew up in poverty and now that she has money we must all feel it every time. Relax it’s not that big of a deal buying things online.”

“Someone tell Nonhle Jali that e-commerce is not a platform. We don’t buy things on e-commerce or over online.”

“Nonhle Jali is a handful. She’s always yapping.”

Now this is not the reality TV star’s first time making comments that upset a lot of people. In January, a video leaked where she complained about her husband’s money not being enough for the glamorous lifestyle she wants of expensive restaurants and their daughter’s ivy league’s education. She actually hinted that he should get financial assistance because his Mamelodi Sundowns pay check would just not cut it. Later she issued a public apology to her husband but the damage was already done.

So what do you think about Nonhle’s comments Tea Squad?

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