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Mihlali Ndamase refuses to be silenced – The Tea World

Mihlali Ndamase refuses to be silenced

Mihlali refuses to be silenced

Beauty blogger Mihlali Ndamase refused to be silenced by a tweep who appeared well meaning.

Mihlali has been quite vocal through her posts on social media about the racism going on in America and the resulting protest. A tweep then DM’d her on twitter and advised her to not be as vocal on such matters as she might lose future jobs that were supposed to come her way because of racists with a lot of sway in the South African corporate world. Mihlali boldly answered this tweep saying, “I will not be silent about the killing of my people. Where one door closes, many will open so if any brand does not want to be associated with me after this so be it. At least I will lose a bag knowing I wasn’t silent during this time because silence will not protect us.”

She went on to make Mzansi proud by saying, “this is going down in the books of history, a revolutionary moment and if you have the platform to educate people or play any part I suggest you do. I would hate to look back and only recall posting aesthetics when my people were being killed and treated unfairly. So do not tell me about being quiet. Like I said yesterday if this makes you uncomfortable unfollow me, and I hope deep down in your heart you know that you are the problem.”

Mihlali made it clear that she did not want to be representing a brand that didn’t value black lives and said, “I also wouldn’t want to be associated with a brand who sees an issue with me, a black person supporting a cry out to the world for black lives to be valued as that of a white man, an brand that sees an issue with this does not value the lives of black people meaning they do not value me. I am black and I am proud.”

Along with the rest of Mzansi we have to stan a queen with both beauty and brains plus courage to stand up for what she thinks is right.

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