Itumeleng Khune’s former side chick being trolled on twitter

Itumeleng Khune’s former side chick being trolled on twitter

Tshego, known for cheating on her boyfriend with Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune finds Mzansi twitter against her after she spoke ill of her friend who was raped on a date she set her up.

In case you have forgotten Tshego she is the 19 year old who dated, DJ Tira’s son but cheated in him with Itu Khune. Then told Tira’s son to heal.  She also trended after she drugged her grandmother with Xanax so she could go out without having to answer any questions. The girl is clearly a handful.

Now she is trending because she sets up dates for her friends where they get raped. One of her friends reported her to the police, but Tshego kept giving the police wrong information until the friend gave up. Let’s face it police service in South Africa can be disheartening.

The friend who was raped, went public on Tuesday with the story. She told the world how Tshego set her up to be raped by her Nigerian friends.  Apparently the victim woke up at a a house that Tshepo took her to, with all her clothes off at 3am, and she was nowhere to be found and her phone was off. When the victim and her friends confronted her and asked what happened she showed no remorse. She sent audios saying, “And this thing of you accusing me because I was with her is actually wrong, I didn’t force her to drink. I didn’t say drink and get drunk. Her intentions, her motive was to get drunk. I didn’t say we are going to get drunk, you are going to sleep there, and you are going to go to the police station. No her intention was to get drunk. What must I do if a bitch wants to get drunk? Who says she must drink recklessly at a place she doesn’t even know.” Tshego then responded by going on Insta Live saying she was not to blame, so people should stop blaming her and that she did not force anyone to get raped.

Of course tweeps were furious and started a hashtag #Tshegomustfall. Her response, “I’ll always trend like other relevant influencers.”

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