Fake Facebook DJ Zinhle account

Fake Facebook DJ Zinhle account

There is a fake DJ Zinhle account on Facebook that is selling hair and wedding dresses. The page is called DJ Zinhle beauty. The real DJ Zinhle took to accounts on all social media platforms to denounce that account and warn people.

The DJ declared it a scammed that she does not sell hair on Facebook or anywhere else. Then asked people to spread the word so people would stop being scammed. “Guys I do not sell hair. I am not selling hair on Facebook or anywhere else. Please spread the word, this is a scam!” Zinhle tweeted. It seems people had already realised they were being scammed because on the Facebook page’s reviews many of them warned other people that it is a scam. Which means they themselves had been scammed.

This is not the first time another person has used a celebrity name and pictures so that people can believe in what they are saying and buy whatever they are selling. Last week it was Metro FM presenter whose picture and name someone was using on twitter promising free Iphones to winners of some competition it was running. Even polygamist and reality star Musa Mseleku and his fourth wife also warned people about a fake account on Facebook selling cars but not delivering.

So be careful Tea Squad in your dealings especially when purchasing online and they promise to deliver.

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