Celebrity mommies give Zenanda Mfenyana advice on pregnancy

Celebrity mommies give Zenanda Mfenyana advice on pregnancy

Actress Zenande Mfenyana has been taking her 1 million followers along with her on her journey to motherhood. From swollen feet to rolling out of bed she has opened a platform for pregnant woman to just share their experiences.

The actress posted about how she cannot fit into any of her shoes except flip flops because her feet are swollen. But it is cold flip flops are impractical. “So how are all the other mommies-to-be with balloon feet doing in this cold? I’m stepping out today and I’m dreading wearing my flip flops. Do you ladies wear your slippers in public? Or do you buy bigger shoes.” Many women commented, telling her to wear her flip flops with pride and not care what people think. Among them were a few celebrity mummies.

Actress and TV presenter Gabisile Tshabalala who is also expecting a baby soon and has done this a couple of times weighed in and said, “I think it’s so cute lol.”

Actress Linda Mtoba who gave birth a few months ago to a baby we only know as Bean commented, “Wear your slippers dearest comfort is key.”

Another actress Jessica Nkosi, mother to adorable baby Nami, also advised her to put her comfort first and that what matters most is her. “Wear your slippers mama. It’s about you, you need to be comfortable,” she responded. Jessica Nkosi is one of the latest additions to season 5 of Mzansi Magic’s The Queen, so Zenanda and her might bond more over motherhood on the set.

All the positive responses seemed to put Zenanda’s heart at ease who then tweeted, “Slippers it is! I’ll be wearing them guilt free today in public. If you see me just smile and wave.” Women coming together to help each other through pregnancy is definitely the content we signed up for

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