Are Caster Semenya and wife expecting?

If we read the hint Caster Semenya and spouse posted on Instagram and Twitter, it would seem the couple are expecting their first child.

Caster posted a picture of what looks like his bottom half, bending so that she can hold a pair of tiny Nike sneakers which are between her feet. She did not caption the picture with words but star emojis. Her spouse Violet Raseboya not to be outdone also posted a picture on Instagram showing only the bottom half of what seems like a man and woman standing wearing jeans and white sneakers, and in between them a small pair of white sneakers. She also did not caption it with words but a heart emoji.

Now this left a lot of people questioning if the couple are expecting their first child. Though actress Rami Chuene’s comment on Caster’s tweet that, “Another one?” left tweeps confused as they have never heard of the couple having a child before. Others jumped the guessing stage and jumped into congratulating the couple. Here are some of the responses to the announcement:

 “Wait OMG! Is this an announcement? I’m not going to get excited in case I’m wrong.”

“Me jumping into my own conclusions. Congratulations to you and yours.”

Some questioned how? And a tweep called Chwayita Ngamlana schooled them, “Lord, the ignorance and cheap jokes. Sperm donor, egg extraction-artificial insemination (IVF), surrogacy, adoption, wife carries baby. There. I just saved you the research you were never gonna do.”

The couple has been married since December 2015 and a baby is long overdue if you ask us. Can’t wait to see their bundle of joy. Congratulations to the couple.

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