Anga Makubalo defends his bag

Anga Makubalo defends his bag

Huawei has recruited musician Anga Makubalo aka NaakMusiq as well as Minnie Dhlamini, DJ Tira, Rouge, Boity, Nay Maps and Thando Thabethe as ambassadors for their new campaign. This angered some tweep who questioned why certain companies use celebrities that don’t use their product in real life instead of actual loyal customers who use the product.

“Why do you use celebrities who are always showing off their Iphones? Why not get your loyal customers who actually use your brand to be brand ambassadors,” the tweep by the handle Melanin Goddess asked and tagged Anga as well as Huawei in the tweet. Anga Makubalo had to defend his appointment as an ambassador of Huawei and said, “I only have Huawei so am I not a regular user? Yes celebrities get paid to be on campaigns but they up to date with product knowledge. No posts about something they know nothing about in campaigns chill.”

The tweep was clearly not ready to chill yet and continued to say she can get product knowledge what she wanted was the account of a user familiar with the phone. “Product knowledge is something I can get off the website. I want to know about day to day user experience, and by this I don’t mean as a secondary device that just sits there. I want to know what I would experience when used daily, switching between the different apps.” The musician then confidently replied, “Ask me. I’m a day to day user. I didn’t get no info off the website.” You would think the tweep would quit she actually proceeded to ask him a few questions to which Anga did not respond to.

Rouge added her input and said, “No point debating with someone whose sole purpose is to discredit.” NaakMusiq seemed to agree with this and walked away.

To be fair companies can’t use regular people even though they are loyal customers because they don’t have the same pull or social capital celebrities have.

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