Rami Chuene Unimpressed By People Looking Down On The Less Privileged.

Actress Rami Chuene had a lot say in response to the tweeps who were looking down and mocking people who queued to purchase alcohol after the alcohol ban was lifted starting June 1.

Many people showed videos and pictures of people queueing, others dancing and singing with joy at the ban been lifted. Then they captioned it with condescending words of how black people are alcoholics, that they don’t have their priorities straight or that they could have used that money to buy assets or start a business.

Rami decided to answer those critics and shut them up. ”You guys talk poverty and how black people can’t save mara you grew up with stokvel/mogodisano. You still can’t tell how your parents managed to send you and your 6 siblings to school. If black saving methods didn’t work, why are banks and retailers hijacking them now?”

She also pointed out that alcoholism is a problem that affects the rich too not just the poor. ”Alcohol abuse is everybody’s problem, not a poor problem. Some of you with high paying jobs are functional alcoholics. Your PA’s run behind you with mints. Expensive whisky in your offices then you come out here and cry about a queue. Then call your fellow blacks ‘them’? Wow,” she said.

She added that most people looking down on those queueing were alcoholics as well just that they ordered online and got boxes of their booze delivered at home

In a parting shoot the actress said, “You know what? Enjoy your expensive booze, cigars and white lies-yes, I said it- while looking down on the masses. Yes, I hope it makes your problems look better.” Rami was not the only celebrity to defend the masses even rapper Boity Thulo among others came to their defence.

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