Musa Mseleku Warns People About Buying Cars On A Fake Account

Reality show actor and business man Musa Mseleku warned social media users about Facebook accounts under his name and his fourth wife Mangwabe. The accounts are using a front of selling cars to scam people.

The two posted a video where they denounced the accounts and clearly stated that they are not promoting or selling any cars, new or old. According to them a lot of people have been ripped off of their money. They also emphasized that people should not send any money to the account numbers given by these fake accounts. And people should be more streetwise and not pay any money without verifying first. Musa and Mangwabe shared their thoughts that these people doing this might possibly be close to them.

They also divulged the method the scammers were using. The victims were asked to pay first before the vehicle was delivered. After that the scammers cannot be reached and simply vanish. Then people blame him and Mangwabe for scamming them, when they too have no idea what is going on. The people being scammed are from all over East London, Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. And they have received calls from all these places, people trying to collect the cars they have paid for.

Now Tea Squad forgive me but I have to ask this. Who buys a car on social media and pays for it without ever seeing the car? Truly? Sympathies to those who have been hoodwinked. May we be more careful with our money Tea Squad.

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