Ayanda Borotho on Civilisation

Actress Ayanda Borotho spoke on how people have been fooled into thinking that to be civilized they have to abandon their traditional ways. The star wrote a book in which she speaks about shaking off what the society expects of you and becoming your best self. It’s in this same vein that she took to Instagram to ponder about the word civilization and how it has been used to rob us of our tradition and hash tagged it Bedroom Window Reflections.

“The word ‘ukuphucuka’ meaning ‘civilized’ (which came from the western ideology because no one was ‘civilized’ in the sense of being better than others in isiNtu. We are abaNtu who have ubuNtu). The word itself is derived from the word ‘ukuphucwa’ meaning ‘to have something taken away from you,’” she begun.

She turned poetic and said, “Life has never been clearer. We have never been more exposed. I sit on that char and introspect. And God would ask me what do you see? I see this every day God, how we have been fooled. To move away from the very surroundings that makes us One with you. To look down on our homesteads, where the ancient wisdom of our people resides, where the ground speaks life and the mountains test our faith, where the air is so pure you could live on it all year.”

The actress spoke on how we have exchanged God and our love for each other for goods.“I see how we were separated from You to choose big screen TVs and cars that buy us a place to fit in. in a world we don’t belong in. how we are excluded from You to be included into a system that imprisons our very soul. We don’t owe anyone where we belong, yet we chase debt to fit in where we don’t belong. I see how the privileged ride horses while Your people scramble for food”

“Every sunset, I watch them pass my window. They are full yet our people are not just hungry, they are empty. Saze saphucwa ubuthina. Sadayiselwa ukuphucuzeka/impuchuko (the essence of our being snatched…and traded for civilization) you see the simplicity of life emakhaya was where we found solace. The system of ubuNtu was what connected us. No noise. Just whispers of the wind”

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