Anele Questions The Wisdom Of Reopening Churches

Radio personality Anele Mdoda had a lot to say about the reopening of churches as part of level 3 which commences on June 1 as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

 It begun when Youtuber and author Khaya Dlanga questioned the wisdom of reopening churches in a series of tweets citing that unscrupulous pastors would fill their pews stating they can cure the disease and laying hands on people. This triggered Anele into posting a series of tweets voicing her disagreement with the decision too.

“I don’t attend church but I could now, to see the family I have not seen in 70 days? The government has had my full support until now. It makes no sense and I’m not saying it’s unfair to restaurants and smokers. I am saying this here, not being compared to anything, makes no sense,” she tweeted. She was also worried about the 50 person cut off and how it will be implemented. Would it be first come first serve? She advised that a retraction like the cigarette one should be made and asked the president to reconsider. The breakfast club presenter also questioned if there was a limit ti the number of services one could attend a week and who would be policing that.

Anele did raise strong points on why churches should not be opened but some tweeps disagreed with her and started insulting her. She took it all in stride and said, “Also. It is totally possible to disagree with government and leaders without hurling insults and ‘where is that degree even from’ have your say and keep the bigotry at bay.” The good thing is it is an individual’s decision. Yes churches are open but you still decide whether to attend or not just like how schools are open and you decide whether to send your kids or not to school.  What do you think Tea Squad of Anele’s view.

She ended her tweets with this one, “I would also appreciate it if those wonderful journalists at TimesLive and Zalebs and the likes don’t write their poor articles with ‘Anele slams President.’ Funny I have never seen a ‘Anele slams us article’ can we tweet in peace.” Oh Anele it is too late.

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