Anele Mdoda Trending Again Because Kelly Rowland Posted A Picture

Twitter has a long memory and it never forgets. Something radio and television presenter Anele Mdoda learnt the wrong way.

Last year in October television presenter Sizwe Dumo tweeted that Kelly Rowland, former Destiny’s Child member was the best looking in the group. Anele Mdoda then replied that she only looks good with make-up, “Kelly looks amazing with make-up. Take that make up off then its tickets. I have receipts.” Now Kelly yesterday posted a picture on Instagram with no make-up in lingerie looking hotter than a bag of money. Kelly captioned the picture, “It’s not a thirst trap. I’m just gonna leave it here#39.” 39 truly never looked this good.

Now the streets would not let Anele forget her words. In fact they want her to eat her words and are demanding she apologise again to Kelly for her initial comments. They thought her outlook on beauty was contradictory and unfair considering she was also a judge at the 2019 Miss SA pageant. Kelly’s fans make sure every time Kelly posts a picture of herself Anele will trend. Tweeps will drag Anele over her initial comment. Here are some of the remarks.

“So every time Kelly Rowland tweets a hot pic, Anele will trend. South Africans are petty AF. But damn Kelly really snapped.”

“Every time Kelly Rowland posts a picture on Twitter and IG, Anele must apologize,”

“Anele will forever regret the day she trash talked about Kelly Rowland.”

“Anele must have been high on something when she was insulting Kelly Rowland, damn she’s fine.”

Now Anele has not said anything but I doubt she can say anything to appease Kelly’s fans.

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