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Anele Mdoda Takes Nomzamo Mbatha’s Side – The Tea World

Anele Mdoda Takes Nomzamo Mbatha’s Side

Actress Nomzamo Mbatha had fans coming after her, after she denied knowing what heartbreak is whilst interacting with fans on InstaLive. TV and radio personality Anele Mdoda was quick to come to her defence, and told haters to leave her alone.

Funny how just recently black twitter was sympathising with her being in lockdown in another country and yesterday they were ordering her head on a platter for her the things she said on her InstaLive. In the video a fan asked Nomzamo how one gets over heartbreak, Nomzamo then claimed to not know what heartbreak is, asked if it was a street or a mall, if it was she had never been there. Now some fans thought her response was funny whilst others thought it was fake of her and that they could see through her pretence. This is because tweeps think she should be suffering from a heartbreak after her break-up with television presenter and model Maps Maponyane.

Anele tweeted, “Say what you want to say about Nomzamo but let’s remember one thing. She is in the states where she moved to pursue a dream then this worldwide pandemic happens and we are all going through the most then she has to experience ugliness from her own country. ALONE.” She also added that, “Some people can’t walk into a party alone in Midrand and here she has to deal with this alone in another country. Yeah neh. The hurt is real amongst you lot. Carry on.” Now some tweeps agreed with her but most still did not.   

Now because of tweeps’ response to the video that went viral Nomzamo muted her twitter account. TshisaLive approached the actress team asking if the actress might have had a meltdown. Nomzamo’s manager Phumza Nohashe shut down this rumours and said, “Anyone with half a brain and being an authentic follower of hers should see that Nomzamo is a fun and light-hearted person, and suffers no more issues than the unqualified Twitter psychologists who are currently diagnosing her every facial muscle movement.”

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