Amanda Du-pont Brave Or Reckless.

Actress, fitness model and television Amanda Du-pont has felt the harsh lash of social media when people dragged her for being careless. Her crime advertising for the Turkish airlines by travelling to turkey and posting it on social media.

On a post that she tagged Turkish airlines Amanda tweeted, “I’m flying to Turkey, one of my favourite countries in the world. Feeling safe knowing that Turkish airlines disinfect each and every aeroplane after each use! If you know me, you know I love to travel. It ignites my soul. I’m so blessed to be able to live out my dreams every day.” But Tweeps did not take it kindly and accused her of being tone deaf and endangering others. One said “Turkish Airlines Brand Team pushing South African influencers to pump out content of themselves on flights, in order to alleviate the consumer fear – and influencers obliging – is the epitome of all parties not able to read the room.”

After catching wind of what people were saying on twitter she deleted the post and posted the same message on Instagram with an added, “PS there is currently less COVID-19 aka Coronavirus in Turkey than there is in South Africa.” This might be true but Turkey itself has banned prayer gatherings showing they are worried about Corona and President Ramaphosa on Sunday has enforced a travel ban on high risk countries and those in the European Union. Turkey is one of those countries which had many asking what would happen to the actress. Luckily for her, she is a South African citizen and will be allowed back into the country after being subjected to testing and quarantine. Turkish airlines also posted on their Instagram page and said in so many words that our safety was their primary concern and that there were taking effective measures to stop the spread of the disease. On Instagram some people thought she was being brave and wished safe travels whilst some still maintained that she was being foolhardy.

So what do you think Tea Squad is it bravery or recklessness

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