AKA Schooled In Business By Reebok

Hip hop singer AKA did a collaboration with Reebok on a sneaker that was named SNEAKA. Or so the world thought instead it’s been revealed that AKA was just a brand ambassador and did not get paid at all despite the Sneaka achieving record sales.

So a fan took to twitter and asked when AKA would be releasing more pairs. AKA took this chance to tell his story. He revealed that he never got paid or received any royalties so they would not be another pair. He claims the reason he did it even though they weren’t paying him he had taken the deal because it was his dream.  Thus is a shocker considering when he did sign the contract he went on twitter claiming to have signed a seven figure deal with Reebok. “I had no choice.it was always a dream of mine to have my own sneaker. I guess that’s why I took a shitty deal in exchange for doing something for the culture,” he said.  He only signed a contract with them as an ambassador for the label, and no contract regarding the Sneaka even existed. This contract has since expired in December 2019 and was not renewed because Reebok was focusing on a new direction, selling women gym clothes predominantly.

AKA also said that, “Yeah that’s the only comfort I take from the whole experience. At least I got to design and release my own sneaker. That’s about it.” But Reebok responded that the contract with AKA was not for collaboration neither was it his sneaker. He was just a brand ambassador who agreed to be paid in merchandise not money.

Fans response on twitter was instantaneous. A hashtag Reebok must fall started trending. People took videos cutting and burning their Reebok sneakers. Of course others took the opposite side and started a Reebok must rise hashtag claiming AKA had no business sense and he should have read the contract well. They even started ordering and buying Reebok sneakers.

Oh AKA what a shame.

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