Actress Sonia Mbele Speaks On Her Silence

During this lockdown, celebrities have used social media platforms to keep in touch with their followers and stay relevant. Daily they have kept us entertained with news of their lives, pictures of the families and even a little dram between each other and fans. But that has not been the case with actress Sonia Mbele and she finally broke the silence,

The actress has been missing in action on the streets of social media ever since the government mandated lockdown due to the Corona pandemic begun. She says this is because she has been busy working on providing for herself and her family. Also because she has used escapism as her method of coping with the pandemic and its effect.

“I’ve been getting a lot of DMs from most of you complaining that I’ve been under the radar. So here’s a thing; with a household and three mouths to feed, maintaining it hasn’t been busy. I know we have all been affected so my stresses are no exception. However we all have different coping mechanisms and mine has been to escape, sorry to have escaped you guys as well but it was the only way,” she explained.

The actress has been branching into producing and writing. Her coping mechanism also involved losing herself in writing and creating an imaginative world where she can immerse herself and forget everything. She said, “So when I’m going through ish my way of surviving is to write. Create a world where I can visit and forget about all the worries. That’s what I did and it’s been a blessing.” She has also busied herself with writing a script that she is very excited about and has described it as the “greatest TC series ever created”.

Sonia apologised for her absence but explained she is just trying to use the time wisely. “So as much as I’m sad that I’ve been mizing you, I’m also grateful for the escapism. One day I’ll be able to say, ‘hey, remember that quarantine time? This is what it produced.’ “

Well we can’t wait to see what she has come up during this time.What have you been using the time on your hands to do Tea Squad.

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